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Finance Options


Silvermans Offer Affordable Finance Options

Bluestone group help many companies spread the cost of their investment projects like yours


We offer various types of finance, but the main two options are :

Lease/Hire purchase – Where the vat is paid upfront and repayments offset through their accounts , a title fee is paid at the end of the agreement

Finance lease – Where the rentals are 100% tax deductible and VAT is payable on each rental



Finance can be a powerful tool for small, medium and large organisations in almost every sector. More organisations are choosing to spread the costs over time. This is because paying via finance can deliver greater financial flexibility and keep working capital in your organisation, enabling you to maintain a strong balance sheet and manage your cash flow more effectively.

For some organisations financing a purchase can also unlock powerful tax benefits, but the main attraction for most is being able to pay an affordable, fixed amount each month and in return have exactly what you need to succeed today and in the future.


Why finance?

Retain capital in your business

Locking capital away in depreciating assets is no longer necessary. Free up cash to be deployed elsewhere, working harder for your organisation and delivering true returns.

Accelerate your growth plans

Make investment decisions based on your needs and not limited by constrained budgets which might otherwise restrict what you can achieve.

Spread cost & risk

Finance allows you to match your costs in line with the return on investment of your projects minimising the risk to your business.

100% financing available

Combine all your project costs, including fees, labour, and delivery charges into one low, fixed monthly payment.

Tax savings available

For private sector organisations, finance provides a highly attractive, 100% tax deductible solution. Those that are subject to higher tax rates have even more to save.

Fixed costs to help you budget

Your payments are affordable and fixed for the duration of the agreement, so there are no hidden surprises or exposure should interest rates rise in the future.


Meet our finance partner: Bluestone

“At Bluestone we are committed to your success, whether you’re a sole trader, running an SME or seeking finance for a multinational corporation. We are an independent, award-winning team of finance professionals with more than 25 years of industry expertise and experience, and we take pride in our ethical and consultative approach when securing finance to unlock your organisation’s potential.”

Access to the UK’s largest funding panel

Lenders for all project types & sizes

Speedy credit decisions

Dedicated account manager & internal support team

FCA accredited

Providing award-winning service & support for over 25 years

Personalised service

Apply online via the Bluestone Portal


The Bluestone Portal

Securing the finance that you need to move forward does not need to be a complex or lengthy process.

Whether you are looking for an instant (no-obligation) quote or want to submit a finance application, Bluestone’s innovative online system, the Bluestone Portal, makes the task simple and quick.

Visit Bluestone’s website for more information:


Ty Branston

Regional Account Manager





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